Medal of Honor: Airborne

Skrevet af: Snuggle   2009-05-29

Jeg skrev nogle anmeldelser som jeg "publicerede" på The Escapist. Derfor er de på engelsk, da jeg egentlig også fortrækker at skrive på engelsk (håber ikke i har noget imod det). Der er en del mangler, men forhåbenligt kan jeg forbedre nogle af dem.

Medal of Honor: Airborne Review

As I jump out the plane and brace myself for a hard landing, I have no idea that this will be one of the most painful games I will play in a long time.
Medal of Honor: Airborne is first-person shooter, and takes place during World War II. It was released for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. It wasveloped by EA Los Angeles and published by EA Games.

In Airborne you take the role of Boyd Travers, an American paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. You will see a lot of different scenery, from ancient Roman ruins, to a gigantic German flak tower. The game begins in Italy, during Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily, and you jump out over a heavily defended village, and quickly find yourself in deadly battle.

The thing that seperates Airborne from other WWII shooters, is that you, as the title says, are an Airborne division, and therefore you begin every mission on a plane. This works fine, although there isn't really any need to put it in the title, as you only spend a few minutes with a parachute on, as the rest of the game is like any other WWII shooter you've played, except far more irritating.

The game progresses as most other WWII shooters, you have some guns and hundreds of Nazis just waiting to get shot by you (And you're probably the only who's going to shoot them anyway, we'll talk about that later.) Now, I never thought shooting Nazis would stop being fun, but does so many other things wrong, that it takes the focus away from what the game really is about: killing Nazis. So simple, so fun. How could anyone do that wrong?
For starters, your teammates AI is appaling, apparently sitting behind crates yelling at me to clear out an entire flak tower is their idea of fairness. Even after killing half the German army they still say: "Where have you been Travers!". The only thing they're really half-useful for is distracting the enemy.
Another thing is, that whenever you get killed, you start over by parachuting in again, even though the enemies you killed beforehand have returned, the objectives you managed to complete are still finished. How the hell does that make sense! And you still have the exact amount of ammo you had when you died! Whatever happened to good old checkpoints?
The missions are quite repetetive, you usually have to some AA emplacements up and/or clear out some buildings and that's pretty much it. The multiplayer is fairly standard. It's more fun than the actual game, however, I had some troubles finding servers with more than a couple of people in it. It's really not worth buying the game just for the multiplayer. If it is multiplayer you want, you should try the sublime Call of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare.
A thing I noticed was that even though someone fires a missile into an ammunition depot, nothing happens! Anyway, that's just nitpicking. On to the graphics!

Graphically the game doesn't stand out. It has decent graphics, but nothing worth talking about. There is some impressive scenery at times, though you rarely have time to stop and look at it, as dozens of Nazis are pointing their rifles at you. Another thing is the character animations, espacially on the Nazis. Now, I know that the Nazis were a bunch of bastards, but I don't thing every single one of them looked like they were born in the deepest pit of hell! There were some soldiers called Nazi Storm Elite or something like that. They carried around MG42s! I don't know how much an MG42 weighs, but I highly doubt you can carry one around, let alone fire it straight. There are a few graphical oddities, like bodies getting stuck in the floor and doing some very weird movements.
The sound and music was fair, again, nothing special. The same trumpets that play over and over again, but it's alright. The weapons sound fairly authentic, and the sound of the explosions is delightful.

In the end I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone, as there are simply to many bad things about it. The regular gunfights are fun, but just about everything else is utterly useless.


Fun gunfights
The last mission


Appaling AI
Lack of proper checkpoints
Been done so many times before
Repetetive missions

Gameplay: 4
Graphics: 6
Sound: 5
Lasting Value: 5

Overall, Medal of Honor: Airborne gets a 4/10 stars

Samlet karakter: 6/10