roddan1: Hi Dori, and all others:)
kaboka: Hey!
roddan1: It is 8bit game flashback we gonna have? :)
roddan1: Who is the guy on the right on screen?
over: i guess a guy thats working on the game
Anders Riecke: One of the developers of the game :)
roddan1: oki thx
roddan1: hey over
over: hello
Indiankobran: So how are the trophies in this game and is it an easy or hard platinum trophy?
roddan1: Hi Indiankobran
Indiankobran: Hi by the way.
over: Question, how come you choose to make the game in 8bit design ?
roddan1: thx for the stream-co-op
over: I like the style of the game, even if im not a super 8bit fan it looks real cool
roddan1: Agree, it looks kind of little bit fun to be 8bit game
roddan1: Why so mutch blood in 8bit games. Cant even remember a NES game that had blood in it like it is now.
Indiankobran: So who is Troy Baker voicing in this game?
Indiankobran: That purple guy mabye?
roddan1: A square red splash of blood, but blood sells, you are absolutely right Dori
kaboka: So Dori will you guys stream witcher next week? :)
roddan1: Ohh yee forgot next week. The witcher 3 must be streamed :P
kaboka: Ok cool
roddan1: Like the sliding the caracter doing. Reminds of Mega man
roddan1: hahah
roddan1: 8bit game now in time is crazy rambo style
over: Then play broforce :D
over: thats rambo game for real :D
over: you can play as rambo
over: but his name is RamBro
roddan1: Gonna give that a try:)
roddan1: I missed it
Indiankobran: So how are the trophies in this game and is it an easy or hard platinum trophy?
Lauritzen94: Haha this is so weird
Indiankobran: Do you think Goat Sumulator will ever hit PS4?
Lauritzen94: Its not on Ps4
Lauritzen94: haha
Lauritzen94: Wtf
roddan1: Take care people. See you soon
Lauritzen94: You too!
Lauritzen94: So the goat will turn into a zombie?
kaboka: quick to the apple store :p
sejefyr: Hey
Lauritzen94: Hey!
sejefyr: Dori what have you done to your hair
Lauritzen94: Looks cool!!
sejefyr: now its only the beard
Lauritzen94: So you actually create your own enemies
Lauritzen94: It seems like the zombies aint the real problem, food is your biggest enemy
sejefyr: this game look so stupid, not even fun at all, or is just me?
Lauritzen94: I dont know man, its weird thats for sure
Lauritzen94: Lets go o space
Lauritzen94: to*
kaboka: lol
Lauritzen94: #SpiderGoat
Lauritzen94: Can you drive the cars?
Lauritzen94: This is so weird!!
Lauritzen94: Did the first goat sim have an objective, or was it just pure mayhem?
Lauritzen94: Yeah okay, well as long as its fun
Indiankobran: So how would you rate this based on what you have seen so far?
Lauritzen94: So would you say this is better then "I am bread" ?
Lauritzen94: So many simulators these days
myllylyly: Yo Dóri, When will we play Advanced Warfare on PS4 next time?
myllylyly: okay, thanks :)