Are you the fastest Dirt Rally racer in the Nordics?

Join our Dirt Rally Nordic competition and find out whether you are one of the fastest behind the wheel of Codemasters’ acclaimed racer. The competition will take place in the form of a season on Pike’s Peak, with points awarded for being the fastest player.
So if you love to race and want to win great prizes, join us below.

Cool Prizes

You have the opportunity to win awesome prizes if you’re one of the fastest players in the competition:

  1. 1st Prize: This super three piece racing setup, consisting of a 3-pedal-wide pedal set, a TH8A Add-On Shifter, and a TM leather 28 GT wheel Add-on, which can be used for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  2. 2nd Prize: Dirt Rally note book.
  3. 3rd Prize: Dirt Rally pen.

The top ten players in the competition will win a Dirt Rally t-shirt.
If you have any questions, please email [email protected]


Rank Nickname Time Platform Country
1 Philleflow 02:26.077 PC se
2 Juhis 02:27.427 XBOX fi
3 Brightsin 02:27.477 PC se
4 Kakkela 02:28.660 PC fi
5 Aqvig 02:28.977 PC dk
6 Ledereque 02:29.610 PS4 fi
7 Zetor 02:29.977 PS4 fi
8 Grebner 02:30:510 PC se
9 God Jupa 02:30.110 PC fi
10 migotti 02:30.343 PC fi
11 AFL 25 02:32:009 PC no
12 turbofjert 02:32:010 PS4 dk
13 max 02:32.277 PC fi
14 Dozer 02:32.443 PC fi
15 Issi72 02:32.477 PS4 fi
16 ACTION ANDY 02:33.110 PC no
17 baunau 02:33.427 PS4 no
18 Lascha90 02:33.460 PS4 se
19 Zparz 02:33.677 PC se
20 MadMicky 02:34.343 PC fi
21 cheets 02:35.760 PC fi
22 Voivehje 02:36.110 PS4 fi
23 Arete 02:36.527 PC se
24 dddtorsby 02:36.877 XBOX se
25 eivers 02:38.426 PC no
26 Chrisboy96 02:41:114 PC no
27 SRS221 02:41.093 PC fi
28 born_2_game 02:42:710 PS4 dk
29 ZhithappenS 02:44:426 PS4 dk
30 Raymann 02:46.743 PC se
31 UncleQ 02:50.726 PC dk
32 rcnrune 02:51.659 PS4 dk
33 beemwen 02:51.878 PS4 no
34 Silkkiapina93 02:54:909 PS4 fi
35 Silkkiapina_93 02:54:909 PS4 fi
36 Trond_1981 02:55:192 PS4 no
37 aklru 02:56.509 PC no
38 Kangall 02:56.759 XBOX se
39 Indiscipline 02:56.842 PC se
40 Tommy-M-H 02:58:392 PS4 dk
41 ostmossa 02:59:542 PS4 se
42 bjornout 03:00.409 XBOX se
43 |OCD|Skinkelynet 03:01.859 PC dk
44 Breakout95 03:04:579 XBOX dk
45 Kackibracki 03:06.925 XBOX se
46 hhmmm69 03:07.759 PS4 dk
47 lamotte86 03:12:742 PS4 se
48 Seegoth 03:15.058 XBOX se
49 ra67se 03:17.058 PS4 dk
50 camicazi 04:29.539 PC se

Note: Any score that cannot be verified on the online leaderboard on Xbox One / PS4 / Steam according to the rules will be removed from the competition without warning.

Signup and Qualifying

Follow these simple steps to join:

  • Fill in your personal information in the form below and submit.
  • Sign up to the league on your platform of choice, by searching for either “GamereactorPS4”, “GamereactorXB1” or “GamereactorSteam”, depending on what platform you’re on. You’ll need to create a RaceNet profile first, and when you’ve done so, remember to set the correct platform on the tab by your username in the top right hand corner.
  • Once you’ve entered the event, you can try as many times as you like to improve your time, but once you’ve uploaded your score, it’s over. Therefore, make sure you’re satisfied with your time before uploading.

Fill in your personal information in the form below and submit. You will receive an email with a link to your personal score page. The leaderboard on this page will be updated automatically as you enter your score.