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Rygte: FaZe køber NiKo for $500,000

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Hjemmesiden The Dot Esports har udgivet en ny rapport, der påstår at FaZe Clan har købe Nikola "NiKo" Kovac fra Mousesports for hele $500,000, og viser dette sig at være sandt, så er der tale om den største handel i CS:GO-historien.

Transferhandlen skulle eftersigende været kommet på plads efter Mousesport ikke har kunne finde sit fodfæste i de seneste par måneder.

FaZe Clan har leveret en meddelelse omkring selve handlen, men de afslører ikke noget om konkrete tal:

"As we've now been involved in multiple highly publicised transfers during our short time in the Counter-Strike space, we believe it's important to also do our part in protecting the scene from creating an inflated bubble. Hopefully, as these processes continue in the trend towards becoming more standardised, we wish to raise awareness around the reality of building a team and its related transfers. CS:GO & esports are moving fast and we're ecstatic to be as big a part of it as we have become. As we all grow, one of the keys to establishing continuity with success, is to make sure those who are following along have the correct information. So with that being said: we would like to make it clear to those interested in the ecosystem within professional Counter-Strike, to not put too much stock into the numbers being falsely reported around this transaction. This is about keeping our feet on the ground, building a winning culture, winning as family, and to do so while focusing within the limits of what is logical; not only our club, but all those around it."

"We hope to make the esorts scene proud by representing it in our own way moving forward. While not commonly taking PR or open interviews, we're looking at expanding our involvement in the voice that shapes the game moving forward to share our views, our plans, and our culture with the public. Having legitimate, credible, information to make reasonable decisions behind the moves that shape the future is something we believe will be critical to the realisation of what we would all like this to become."

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: FaZe Clan

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