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Tekken 7

Tekkens Michael Murray deler sine tanker om World Tour

Gamereactor befinder sig lige nu San Fransisco for at dække dagens Tekken World Tour-finaler, hvor de 16 bedste spillere skal dyste mod hinanden. I forbindelse med turneringen snakkede vi med designer Michael Murray omkring touren generelt.

"You know this has been an interesting year. We've had some Tekken tournaments in the past that were kind of handled through Japan, but this year, because some people might not know but there are some rules and regulations in Japan that limit prize money etcetera, so this time we let our American and European offices take over the World Tour, and we've been on various stops, [Katsuhiro] Harada and I have, but we're kind of just like guests of honour I guess you could say. We haven't really done much hands-on stuff, but it's been very interesting to see it get bigger and better this year with the finale coming up this weekend, so it should be really good."

Vi spurgte også Murray om hvad han synes om årets EVO-turnering, og om hvorvidt han var overrasket over Tekken 7's succes.

"Not reallyYou know, I've always kind of felt the potential. In Japan there's a tournament called Master Cup, which is five on five, so you have a team of five players, only Tekken, and that gets over a thousand players every year, so I mean Tekken is that hype if you get your following there to come out to the tournaments. So I think they just need a little bit of incentive to go to the tournament, you know, a lot of times people watch on Twitch or whatever, but to actually go and enjoy it in first-person."

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