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GamerzClass providing esports courses for games like Fortnite

Including video content and workbooks.

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Danish startup GamerzClass has revealed their plans to help teach players about esports, as they produce and present online video courses featuring top players, so fans can improve their game.

The company director Victor Folmann tried to pursue his dream of becoming a pro player, and here's how he describes the company:

"If you want to have a personal coach with the caliber of players that we use, it will quickly end up by costing at least +500 USD per hour for a one-to-one session. Our concept allows anyone to get top educational content with their favorite e-sport players."

"We have already signed some of the biggest names in the industry and are not planning to stop here. We are here to help everyone pursue their dream and help creating a closer connection between talents and players."

One GamerzClass has between two to five hours of video content and workbooks with assignments, with the former creating by professional teams. The company has already funded their upcoming courses, and have teamed up with Fnatic, with a course on Fortnite also coming in the future.

"Things are moving fast at the moment - we are actually travelling to South Korea in the end of the month to meet with SK Telecom, as we are planning to enter the Asian market in Q1 2019," Folmann adds.

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GamerzClass providing esports courses for games like Fortnite
Photo: Epic Games

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