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Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft vil have Rainbow Six pro league finale i asien i 2020

Vi har snakket med Rainbow Six Sieges esports Director François-Xavier Dénièle om Ubisofts planer for esport de kommende år.

"Year Four will be the console edition of our esports programme, meaning this year we want to reinforce every layer of competition, so that's why we are going to the US for the Major as it is a huge market for esports".

Selvom esporten trives i USA snakkede Dénièle også om, hvor stor succes de havde i den asiatiske region:

"What I'm really proud of is the evolution of the APAC region, we introduced APAC one year ago and now I'm really happy to see two teams in the quarter-finals and Nora Rengo in the semi-finals".

Han fortalte, at han de planlægger en asiatisk pro league finale:

"now we have a strong presence in Asia and the best part is next year we are looking for a pro league final in Asia for the first time, so it's the right message sent for the esport eco-system for Rainbow Six".

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