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Washington Justice's Kate Mitchell trækker sig fra Overwatch

Manageren for det ellers relativt succesfulde Overwatch League-hold, Kate Mitchell, har afsløret, at hun trækker sig helt fra Overwatch League efter Stage 2, og det betyder at hendes sidste dag bliver d. 13 maj.

Selvom hun naturligvis er træt, så siger hun faktisk at det primært skyldes den opførsel hun udsættes for online.

"It's impossible to ignore, though, that I've also been confronted with toxicity and casual cruelty from strangers that outpaced anything I saw in years in gaming and politics, especially from people on Reddit. I've been on Reddit for over ten years, and have seen both its strength as a tool for community building and solidarity and its dark side, empowering false rumors, giving attention and ad revenue to muckrakers and liars, and fostering a culture where fans delight in the pain and 'juice' from voyeuristically watching for negative moments in the professional careers of players and staff."

Photo: Washington Justice