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LEC expands partnership with EMP

The deal will see EMP become the new German national partner.

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The Summer Season for the League of Legends European Championship started this weekend, marking the next step towards Worlds 2021 later this year. But, before the season could start, Riot Games announced an expansion of its partnership with apparel brand EMP, making the brand its national partner of the German LEC broadcast.

Known for being an official seller of LoL merchandise, EMP will be seeing further incorporation into the German LEC broadcasts, which will highlight some of the items and gear that it offers.

"Our company differentiates itself through our exclusive merchandise products, including licensed League of Legends merch, and our close relationship with fans," adds EMP's Chief Digital Officer, Sascha Müller. "That's why collaboration with an exclusive, professional and community-adjacent league such as the LEC is an important further strategic step for our gaming engagement."

The financials of the deal were not disclosed.

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