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Mad Lions announces Covid-19 case in the organisation

Mad Lions: ""The health and safety of our players and staff have and always will be our main priority."

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The Mad Lions has announced that it has discovered a positive Covid-19 case within its League of Legends European Championship organisation. The team of which started its Summer Season campaign this weekend, has given a statement about its plans to handle the situation, saying:

"The health and safety of our players and staff have and always will be our main priority. We have one positive Covid-19 case within our Mad Lions LEC organization. We have been in touch with local public health authorities and we are following their instructions and recommendations. Direct and indirect contacts in our organization have been tested, and in the days ahead will be retested. We will update our community and fans once we receive more definitive information."

The Mad Lions played three matches in the LEC this past weekend, losing to G2 Esports, and defeating Fnatic and Astralis. If there are further developments on the positive case, we can hopefully expect to hear more soon.

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