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Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure

Henry Hatsworth i digtform

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Electronic Arts der står bag det kreative Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, som vi har bedømt til et pænt 9-tal i Nintendo DS anmeldelsen, har netop lavet en ligeså kreativ reklame for spillet.


Ikke alene er hele guiden skrevet som et rimende digt, men nederst i den poetiske reklame, er der et link til at downloade det ganske fine soundtrack gratis.

Navnet på hovedpersonen er iøvrigt nok næppe en tilfældighed, om ikke andet vil et hurtigt kig på nettet afsløre at en kendt amerikansk forfatter hed Henry Wadsworth. Denne amerikanske poet, blev kritiseret for at efterligne europæiske stilarter og lefle for masserne. Om ikke andet må man sige at EA besidder selvironi.

Scroll til bunden for linket til den gratis musik, eller nyd reklamen som vi bringer her i dens fulde længde.

EA's Must-Do List For Players of "Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure"
Written for MTV by the game's lead creator, Kyle Gray, channeling the British charm of Mr. Henry Hatsworth

Do search for hidden levels & artifacts.
Before reaching World 3 (having bested Lance and Lady D),
Return to visited worlds past, to find hidden treasures and artifacts!
To make Hatsworth's adventure easier you should strive,
To find all 10 hidden levels, scattered between Worlds one and five!

Do visit Cole's Shop.
Hearts and weapon upgrades no where to be found?
Look no further, in Cole's shop they abound!
So remember, dear player, if levels are as hard as crap,
To access the shop, press "L" at the map!

Do view your artifacts.
What artifact am I missing: the golden wallet, the golden mustache?
Check your inventory quick, with gentlemanly panache!
From the shop simply press "R" to view the Artifact Wall,
To see which artifacts you're missing, if any at all!

Do juggle enemies.
Juggling can be profitable if you have a sword,
So slice away at enemies to get your reward.
Down-hit, uppercut, slash, slash, slash,
Grab the gems they drop to increase your cash!

Do manage your puzzle powerups.
If a puzzle powerup is in danger of reaching the top,
Swap it over to an empty column to let it drop!
Powerups that scroll off the puzzle screen are forever lost,
So judiciously manage them, hang on to them at all cost!

Do modify everything.
Though mentioned in the beginning tutorial,
Most players don't read, so don't see this one at all.
Once you've fired a shot from your trusty blunderbuss,
Use the puzzle to raise its damage level, without a fuss!

Do hoard lives with the help of your puzzle.
Lives can be hard to collect at times it would seem,
So use your puzzle to make their numbers obscene!
Build a combo up top or try your luck down below,
Then activate a flashing 1up block to watch your extra lives grow!

Do search for hidden Puzzle Realm entrances.
The Puzzle Realm connects to the real world through hidden doors,
So search every level, seeking areas unexplored!
For rewards go to the adventurous and the bold,
Specifically tons of jewels, and gobs and gobs of gold!

Do search for helper Puzzle Realm Blocks.
"What are these outlined blocks doing here?" You may muse aloud,
The answer is simple: to help you stand above the crowd!
Match 3 blocks in your puzzle to put them through their paces,
Then use them to block obstacles, cross chasms, and find hidden places!

Do make it through those end credits.
"This game's too easy!" You say, while beating your chest,
Then wait until after the credits, tough guy, if you think you're the best!
A more difficult mode lies ahead for those willing to wait,
With harder enemies to take the cocky swagger out of your gait.

Do download our free soundtrack.
Last, but not least, if you like affordable music (like me),
Then head to for the free OST!
Sure you could spend your bandwidth on the latest internet meme,
But can anything really beat the fully orchestrated Lance Banson theme?

Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure
Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure
Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure

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