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Saints Row (2007)

Musikken i Saint's Row

Komplet liste fra Volition

Abonner på vores nyhedsbrev her!

* Påkrævet felt

Volition har sendt den fulde liste over sangene i det kommende Saint's Row. Det er en imponerende samling, hvor man blandt andet kan finde Editors, Eric B. & Rakim og Iggy Pop.

"100K" - The Loved Ones
"5,6 Kids" - Bear vs. Shark
"Addis Adaba Dub" - African Roots Act 1
"All I Can Say" - Love Joys
"Amped" - Freq Nasty
"Anthem (radio edit)" - Rock-N-Roll Soldiers
"Atmosphere" - The Oranges Band
"Audobun Ballroom" - Black Market Militia feat. Dead Prez
"Back For More" - Ratt
"Ball N Chain" - Roxx Gang
"Ballad Of Jayne" - L.A. Guns
"Bang Bang Rock And Roll" - Art Brut
"Bangers" - The Alchemist featuring Lloyd Banks
"Banned In DC" - Bad Brains
"Barrier Break" - Dieselboy & Kaos
"Beautiful Trainwreck" - Copywrite
"Black & White" - RA The Rugged Man
"Blood And Thunder" - Mastodon
"Bound For The Floor" - Local H
"Catherine Wheel" - Skynet
"Cauterise" - If I Were King
"Chippin'" - Quasimoto
"Conjure Me" - Afghan Whigs
"Could You Be The One" - Husker Du
"Crumbs" - Bisc One
"D.T.D." - Masta Killa featuring Ghostface & Raekwon
"Dancin' On Coals" - Bang Tango
"Danger" - Black Milk Feat. T3 & Phat Kat
"Digi Warfare" - Masta Killa
"Do The Robot" - Turf Talk
"Don't Move" - The Letters Organize
"Draw Your Brakes" - Scotty
"Easy Come Easy Go" - Winger
"Everything Is Alright" - Motion City Soundtrack
"Everything's A Go (The Flow)" - Bathgate
"F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X." - The Fall Of Troy
"Fast Cars" - Aesop Rock
"Fish Fillet" - Sa-Ra featuring Pharoahe Monch
"Flavor Of The Month" - Black Sheep
"For Guys' Eyes Only" - Hockey Night
"Friday Night Fist Fight" - Men Women & Children
"Gangsta Party" - Joe Budden ft. Nate Dog
"Get Shot Boy" - Grafh
"Get Well Soon" - Reggie & The Full Effect
"Girl" - Stereophonics
"Glow" - Camp Lo
"God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me" - Aberdeen City
"Golden Jin" - Crafty
"Good With The #'s" - AL
"Gotta Pay" - Wordsworth
"Grey Cell Green" - Ned's Atomic Dustbin
"Grindin" - Clipse
"Happiness Everyday (I Won't Let You Suffer)" - Huge Rocksocks
"Hiding Drugs In The Temple (Part 2)" - Kinski
"Holdin' Up" - Rich Medina
"Home to Hell" - Danko Jones
"Hood Lullabye" - Black Market Militia
"I Need A Co-Pilot" - Tempercalm
"Ill Logic" - ILS
"Informa (Watch It)" - Jah Batta
"Inside the Globe" - Airborn Audio
"International Herb" - Sugar Minott
"Jamaicanese" - Eek-A-Mouse
"John 3:16" - Mathematics featuring Method Man
"Keep Doin It" - Likwit Junkies
"Kiss Of Death" - Alec Empire
"Lay My Burden Down" - Seemless
"Live In The City" - Horace Andy
"Look At Me, I'm a Winner" - The Aquabats
"Love Injection" - Bang Tango
"Mad About You" - Slaughter
"Make Up Your Mind" - Orange Park
"Man Ah Warrior" - Tapper Zukie
"Meet Me In The Dark" - Jet By Day
"Milk 'Em" - MHE/Ghostface featuring Trife
"Money Folder" - Madvillain
"Mountain Song" - Janes Addiction
"Munich" - Editors
"My Little Pony" - Caro
"Nightlife" - M.E.D.
"No Easy Way Out" - Roxx Gang
"Of All The Gin Joints In All The World" - Fall Out Boy
"Oh My God" - Masta Ace
"Old Man" - Masta Killa featuring ODB & RZA
"Once Bitten Twice Shy" - Great White
"Overnight Celebrity" - Twista
"Paid In Full" - Eric B. & Rakim
"Panic" - Paint It Black
"Paper Thin" - MC Lyte
"Pickin' Boogers" - Biz Markie
"Put Up A Fight" - My Awesome Compilation
"Questo Y Sporco" - Koma & Bones
"Ready, Aim, Misfire" - New Years Day
"Real Nillaz" - Mathematics featuring Ghostface & Raekwon
"Rhythm Division" - UZI
"Riding Melody" - Jah Woosh
"Rock Co. Kane Flow" - De La Soul
"Roped And Tied" - Codeseven
"Round & Round" - Ratt
"Seventeen" - Winger
"Shake it" - Little Brother
"Silhouette Serenade (Rock mix)" - Vendetta Red
"Slow Down" - Beat Pharmacy
"Soda & Soap" - Masta Ace featuring Jean Grae
"Someone Like You" - Bang Tango
"Spend My Life" - Slaughter
"Spitamatic" - Vordul Mega
"Spot Lite" - Mathmatics featuring Wu Tang Clan
"Stick & Move" - Planet Asia feat Prodigy
"Stingray" - Skynet
"Stop The Fuss" - Horace Andy
"Subculture (Dieselboy & Kaos Remix)" - Styles of Beyond
"Take a Walk" - Masta Ace
"The Golden Boy" - Shelby
"Time Hard" - The Pioneers
"Time Has Come" - Exile featuring Slum Village
"Tiny Toy" - ILS
"To Be Quite Honest" - Cruiserweight
"Tongue Shall Tell Dub" - Prince Douglas
"Too Long Awake" - Idelwild
"Touch Me I'm Sick" - Mudhoney
"Trippin" - The KBC
"TV Riot" - The Adored
"Twisted" - PsychatronX
"Twisted Streets" - Koma & Bones
"Two Shots Of Henny" - Mathematics
"Up All Night" - Slaughter
"Way Cool Jr." - Ratt
"Way Down South" - U-Roy
"We Have The Energy" - Evil Nine
"We're The Young Offenders (clean version)" - Young Offenders Institute
"West Coast" - ILS
"What Up" - Kenn Starr
"Who I Is?" - Three 6 Mafia featuring Trillville & Lil Wyte
"Wild America" - Iggy Pop
"You And I" - Wayne Jarret
"You Must Follow" - Stratus

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Saint's Row

ANMELDELSE. Skrevet af Thomas Tanggaard

Skift San Andreas ud med Stilwater, og fortsæt karrieren som gadesmart gangster. Tanggaard har spenderet et par uger i Volitions sandkasse og fortælle nu alt om oplevelsen...

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