Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Ny Shadow of War patch fjerner loot boxes og microtransaktioner

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Middle-earth: Shadow of War kom tidligt i modvind, da det blev udgivet forrige oktober. Med en markedsplads der var fuldt integreret i deres single-player kampagne, hvor der kunne købes loot-boxes og mikrotransaktioner, var anmeldere og spillere hurtigt ude og kritiserer det. Monolith lovede for et par måneder siden, at de ville fjerne markedspladsen fra spillet, og nu har de opfyldt det løfte.

Efter du har downloaded den nye patch, vil du ikke kunne finde markedet, loot-boxes eller mikrotransaktioner i spillet. I stedet vil du møde en "richer campaign experience", en strømlinet epilog, nye udklædninger til spilleren og "hundreds of other improvements". Du kan læse den fulde liste af forbedringer for neden:

"Removal of the Market: The market and microtransactions have been completely removed from Shadow of War. Orcs recruited through Online Vendettas and Ranked Conquests will now be stored in the Garrison, and in-game Mirian can now be used to train, upgrade and customize your personal Orc army.

Changes to the Shadow Wars: Renamed the Epilogue, the post-campaign has been vastly streamlined to include new narration from Shelob, the Witch-king and Dark Talion. Victory in the Epilogue rewards players with the Masks of the Nazgûl, unlocks powerful new abilities to raise the dead, curse enemies and summons more powerful monsters. And players also have the option to continue upgrading and defending their fortresses and army in Mordor after the final credits conclude.

More Ways to Customize & Build Your Character: The follower level cap has now been increased to 80 and the enemy Captain level cap has been increased to 85. Plus, players can level up faster with greater XP rewards for Nemesis Missions, defeating Captains and Online Conquests. New Prestige Skills are available and offer incremental upgrades to skills. Players can also spend Mirian to upgrade gear to current levels by completing the upgrade challenge, and these gear upgrades now allow players to re-roll abilities for the perfect combo.

Nemesis Improvements: There are more Legendary Orcs to encounter, more ways to get Training Orders (incl. Legendary Training Orders) and followers can now surprise players with the occasional gift. And if any followers are too keen to help out and have been stealing kills, there is now the option to turn off the Savior feature in the menu.

New Player Skins: Players can now take the fight to Sauron as Celebrimbor, reliving the first War for Mordor, or battle as Dark Eltariel and Baranor.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

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