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Microsoft var overrasket over manglende 4K-afspiller i PS4 Pro

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Xbox-designeren Albert Penello kunne ikke tro sine egne øre, da han hørte at Sony ville fokusere på 4K-streaming fremfor 4K-afspilning af Blu-ray film.

Penello udtaler til The Guardian:

"I don't want to bait any sort of console war, I have a lot of respect for what Sony does, but analytically, I think they made some interesting decisions in their product that surprised me"[]"The lack of a 4K disc player, given Sony's media background, was a surprise. Looking at what they've done historically, I don't think many people would have predicted that."

Flere og flere tjenester tilbyder streaming, både indenfor musik og film, så er det fysiske medie generelt på vej væk? Penello fortsætter:

"Naturally technology is going to migrate to 4K.[] This is not a flash in the pan - it's not like 3D TV, it's not like Smart TVs, I think that 4K is going to be, over the next few years, the predominant screen resolution that people are going to buy when they upgrade their sets. There are groups of data that have varying market share stats, but they pretty much agree that 4K will eventually take over."

"Personally, I think the shift from SD to HD was very meaningful - and I think the same about the move from 1080p to 4K. I do believe that, once the content starts to show up, people will be like, wow, this is worth the upgrade. When you look at a UHD Blu-ray, when you look at a 4K HDR streams from Netflix or Amazon, I believe you can really see the difference."

Microsoft var overrasket over manglende 4K-afspiller i PS4 Pro

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