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Planet Alpha

Vi spiller Planet Alpha med udvikler Adrian Lazar

Tekniske problemer fik tirsdagens Gamereactor Live til at slutte en del tidligere end ventet. Og selvfølgelig skulle de tekniske problemer rammer på dagen hvor vi havde inviteret creative director af Planet Alpha, Adrian Lazar, ind på redaktionen for at spille det med os. Derfor har vi samlet vores gameplay i en Gamereactor Plays i stedet, og du kan nyde den for neden.

"The game combines multiple game mechanics like fast platforming, puzzles, and exploration, and stealth, to create an unforgettable experience," udtaler Lazar. "That's Planet Alpha in a nutshell."

"And what I hope it's going to feel like is you exploring an alien world. And you're unravelling some of its mysteries. And you're going to be fascinated and scared in the same place, at the same time, cause it's a new place and you don't know what's dangerous and what is not."

"Right now we're three people in the core team," udtaler Lazar om holdet bag Planet Alpha. "And we also work with four freelancers when we need them. The game [development] started back in 2013 as a personal project of mine while I was working at IO Interactive on the Hitman game. Basically I needed something, I wanted to something that wasn't about brutally murdering people, so this started as a small personal project and then it kind of grew into something bigger."

"At some point I had a prototype that I felt confident to show it around to a few people. They liked it. Then in 2015 I went to CapNova, which is an investment company here in Denmark, they liked it as well. So then we started a small studio in 2015, I was able to hire a few people and now we're working on the game full-time."

Planet Alpha

Planet Alpha udkommer i år op PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 og Xbox One.