PlayStation-arkitekt: "Vi forsøger ikke at lave low-cost PC'ere"

Mark Cerny mener stadig at der er en fidus i at designe proprietære konsolplatforme.

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Det her kommer nok ikke som nogen overraskelse, men arkitekten bag både PlayStation 4 og PlayStation 5, Mark Cerny, kan ret godt lide at designe konsolplatforme, og mener at det er gunstigt for hele tech-branchen.

I et interview med GamesIndustry siger han, at hele fidusen med konsoldesign er at bruge masser af energi på hvad der ellers kunne virke som småting, såsom mere indlevelsesrig lyd, eller et anderledes SSD-design. "We're not building low-cost PC's", siger han.

"One of the exciting aspects of console hardware design is that we have freedom with regards to what we put in the console. Or to put that differently, we're not trying to build a low-cost PC, and we aren't bound by any particular standards. So if we have a brainstorm that audio can become much more immersive and dimensional if there's a dedicated unit that's capable of complex math, then we can do that. Or if the future feels like high-speed SSDs rather than HDDs, we can put an end-to-end system in the console - everything from the flash dies to the software interfaces that the game creators use - and get 100% adoption. I like to think that occasionally we're even showing the way for the larger industry, and that our efforts end up benefiting those gaming on PC as well. It's a tech-heavy example, but on PS4 we had very efficient GPU interfaces, and that may well have spurred DirectX to become more efficient in response. Or to look at something more consumer-focused, I believe that releasing PS5 in 2020 with a very high-performance integrated SSD put pressure on the PC world to get their corresponding DirectStorage API into the hands of their gamers."

Nogle spår dog at konsoller på sigt vil blive lidt ligesom netop "low-cost PC's", at økosystemerne bliver mere åbne, og at de vil benytte standardiserede komponenter.

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PlayStation-arkitekt: "Vi forsøger ikke at lave low-cost PC'ere"

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