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Så, alle trophy/achievement-jægere derude, nu kan I godt spidse ører. Nu er der bare en måned til at Digimon World: Next Order udkommer, og derfor er samtlige trophies nu blevet sluppet ud på nettet.

Digimon World: Next Order


- Digimon World Conqueror!: Acquired all trophies


- Professor of Digimon!: Raised 200 types of Digimon
- Supreme Tamer!: Maxed out Tamer level
- Revivalist!: Maxed out city's Prosperity


- Digimon Researcher!: Raised 100 types of Digimon
- First DNA!: First DNA Digivolution
- Chapter Four Cleared!: Cleared Chapter Four
- Ruler of Other Worlds!: Cleared all extra dungeons
- Master of Rebirth!: Partner reborn as DigiEgg 20 times
- Card Master!: Completed DigiCards
- Heavy Attacker!: Inflicted 9,999 damage in one attack
- Unconstrained!: All skills for Partner Digimon at 1,000
- Battle Maniac!: Won 300 battles
- King of the Colosseum!: Won all Colosseum competitions
- First-Class Creator!: Maxed out grades on all facilities as builder


- Old-Timer!: Partner reached age 20
- Good Friend!: Maximum value for DigiFriend
- Best Friend!: Maximum value for Bond
- Armageddemon Defeated!: Defeated Armageddemon
- Digimon Fan!: Raised 50 types of Digimon
- First-Class Tamer!: First Digivolution to Ultimate
- Chapter Three Cleared!: Cleared Chapter Three
- Chapter Two Cleared!: Cleared Chapter Two
- Legendary Tamer!: First Digivolution to Mega
- Capable Tamer!: First Digivolution to Champion
- First Contribution!: Prosperity at level 1
- Hang in There...: First training mistake
- Town Revitalized!: Prosperity at level 50
- Town Expanded!: Prosperity at level 100
- Moneybags!: Acquired over 100,000 bits
- Zillionaire!: Acquired over 1,000,000 bits
- Figured It Out!: Finished a battle with no damage
- Hardcore Attacker!: Inflicted 1,000 damage in one attack
- Hunter King!: First king-sized foe defeated
- Rookie with Promise!: First Colosseum victory
- Rookie Tamer!: First Digivolution to Rookie
- Signs of Improvement!: First Tamer level
- Rebirth!: First Partner Digimon reborn as DigiEgg
- First Camp!: First camp
- Trainer Debut!: First training
- Strategic Retreat!: First time fleeing from a fight
- Started Fishing: First fish caught
- First Acquisition!: First materials acquired
- Chapter One Cleared!: Cleared Chapter One
- First Ingredient!: First food ingredient item picked up

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