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Stor Gears of War 3-opdatering

Tilskuerfunktion og fejlrettelser

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Epic har i dag udsendt en større opdatering til Gears of War 3, der blandt andet tilføjer en tilskuerfunktion, ordner nogle exploits og fikser en række fejl. Du kan se hele listen med ændringer nedenfor.


A spectator mode option has been added to private versus matches for broadcasting by gaming leagues.

One player on each team will be able to choose spectator mode during match set up.

The matches will be 4v4 with two spectators

The Leader and Vengeful medals are now easier to acquire.

The mutators Roadie Comet and Regen Enemies are now easier to acquire.

Added an option to disable the HUD during multiplayer games for machinima and video creators

Added a visual indicator of the next ring's location during the last 10 ring points in KOTH.

Exploit Fixes

The Onyx Field Engineer medal can no longer be prestiged.

In Capture the Leader, the overhead Beams on DryDock are no longer accessible.

While affected by the Smoke Grenade stun, players will no longer be able to take hostages, pick up weapons or revive teammates.

General Fixes

If there is a host migration during Horde, the match will resume at the same wave.

Also during Horde, the Combat Engineer ribbon can now be achieved once per wave instead of once per game.

The Ranked Disconnect stat will no longer increase when quitting a standard Horde or Beast game.

The cringe from the Mortar will no longer cause players to drop their primary weapon.

The Hail Mary ribbon is now correctly awarded for long distance Boomshot headshots.

Maps will no longer be immediately repeated when choosing random map selection.

If the host pauses during a private versus match the game will continue for other players.

The game will still pause in the Campaign, Beast and Horde.

Potential fix for the rare lost progress issue.

Potential fix for the rare profile freezing issue.

Beast leaderboard screen no longer refreshes while sending challenges

Gears of War 3

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