Dragon Age: Inquisition

Tidligere Dragon Age-instruktør indrømmer at Inquisitions verden var tom

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Selvom Dragon Age: Inquisition så sandelig har sine trofaste følgere, og lader til at have solgt et respektabelt antal eksemplarer, så er spillet blegnet en smule i forhold til rollespilsgiganten The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Det er tidligere instruktør på chefen nu parat til at indrømme.

Tidligere instruktør Mike Laidlaw har for nylig talt med Eurogamer, og her fortalte han at Inquisitions verden føltes tom sammenlignet med verdenen i The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, og at han ved refleksion gerne ville have fyldt den med mere liv.

"We recognized it was a little hollow.

I love the way The Witcher 3 put more cinematic, more heavy story quests into those open worlds in order to even out the pacing and do it in a way players responded to super positively. Whereas in our case, it felt like there were two phases of the game: there was the stuff in the open world which, again, the writers did a great job of theming each zone so it had like, oh, this is the one where there was an expedition that went missing and it's all full of notes, but it was never quite the same as the level of intensity you got when you went back in time and rescued Leliana from Redcliffe. Those were heavily cinematic. So, I think it was a bit jarring due to being inconsistent.

If I could go back I'm sure we'd look closer to The Witcher 3 - in the hindsight that I've seen The Witcher 3. Even we knew it was living where it was and we hadn't balanced our budget in our deployment of stuff properly in the same way hindsight would have led me to do."

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Dragon Age: Inquisition

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