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Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine II

For Imperium - Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 Interview

Vi fangede Saber Interactive i løbet af vores tid på Gamescom i år for at diskutere den længe ventede og længe ventede efterfølger til Space Marine-serien.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Gamereactor.
Today, we're standing outside the Focus booth still and as you can probably tell by the lovely Titus who's standing between me and Oliver here, I've just finished playing a bit of Space Marine 2."

"So, Oliver, first things first, love the game, really exciting.
Why is now the time for Space Marine 2 after all these years we've waited since the original one?
I think what Space Marine 1 wanted to be, this giant war between the Imperium and its enemies, the technology wasn't really fully available for that first game."

"But now that Saber have created our swarm engine, we're able to fully realize the sheer quantity of enemies that you should be facing.
So I think the technology is ripe and we're ready to tell a new story.
Tell us a little bit about that story.
Does it connect with the original one or is it like a standalone thing that's going to be perfect for people to jump in and start playing from here?
It absolutely connects to the first one."

"There's a lot of questions about where Titus has been and what he's been doing and we will answer all those questions.
And the Space Marines are a really interesting part of the Warhammer world because they are incredibly powerful.
So how does that work from your side, trying to balance that power fantasy that these guys often give out?
It's a great question."

"It's a great question.
We have one of the most fearsome warriors in the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy, so we need an equally fearsome foe.
So it's about balancing the feel of being powerful enough to wade through hundreds of enemies in one stride, but also not feeling like it's too easy."

"So we've got great weapons like the Chainsword and the Bolt Rifle, some nice grenades mixed in with the old slash and hack of the melee combat.
And you mentioned there a moment ago that it's about balancing the difficulty.
There are multiple difficulty options available in Space Marine 2 as well."

"How do they adjust and how do they affect the gameplay?
So much like in World War Z, you have your brackets of difficulty, but within those brackets is a spectrum through which the AI director can take you.
So it's always looking to see how well you're handling the threat."

"If you're doing well, it'll push you harder, and if you're finding it difficult, it'll ease up a little bit.
So it's your brackets, really.
And talk about the combat a little bit.
As you mentioned there, it's that nice balance between ranged combat and that hack and slash melee stuff."

"How did you go about balancing that out?
Obviously, you don't want people just running and gunning everything.
You want people to want to be able to melee and also want to be able to shoot at the same time.
You don't want to have one too powerful than the other."

"So how did you go about balancing that out?
So Space Marines are incredible with their combat tactics, and they make use of both melee and ranged.
So we wanted to make sure that you could switch between the two at a moment's notice and combine them to defeat the enemy.
We created situations like being overwhelmed with a swarm, which would give you the opportunity to use melee, but then we also have ranged enemies so that you can make use of both."

"But the key is in the fluid switching between those two modes.
And tell me a little bit about the story then.
Where is Space Marine 2 going to be taking Titus?
What can we expect to be unpacked during this adventure?
Well, the first thing to state is that the galaxy has changed dramatically since the end of the first game."

"We have the Great Rift now.
We have the rise of the Ultramarine Primarch, Raboot Gilliman.
And so the sort of background in which the story takes place is quite different.
And so we know that Titus was taken away at the end of the first game, and he's returned here evidently as a Primaris Marine."

"And so how is he going to handle that change?
How will he be welcomed back?
And how will he integrate into a brotherhood he hasn't known in a very long time?
And you mentioned a moment ago when we were talking about the sort of swarm mechanic and all that, you mentioned World War Z."

"Obviously, there's a lot of connections with the way that the enemies work between those two games.
What have you learned from working on World War Z that you've brought into Space Marine 2?
Well, we've been able to bring over the co-op multiplayer, which is a great thing.
I mean, playing as multiple Space Marines really is the brotherhood."

"But also, we've had to fine-tune it for a different type of enemy.
In World War Z, it was all human-based enemies, you know, like the Stinker and the Screamer and stuff.
But now we have giant Tyranids. We have flying Tyranids.
So we've had to tweak it quite a lot to match that new enemy type."

"And how long do you expect Space Marine to take people to go through it?
You know, there's a lot to unpack, lots of combat to go through, and obviously that's going to affect the amount of playtime.
But what's your sort of ballpark figure that you expect the playtime to be?
I can't reveal the length of the campaign."

"What I can say is you've played one level, and it probably took you around about an hour to play one level.
And so we're aiming to give a full and satisfying story campaign for every player with some interesting other things to go around it.
And Space Marine 2, when's it coming out? What platforms are we talking about?
So it's going to be available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, the usual trio there."

"In terms of when's it coming out, our current marketing is we've got winter.
Final question then.
What's one part of Warhammer Space Marine 2 that you're excited for people to check out and experience for themselves?
For me, it's the story. It's been probably my focus since the beginning."

"The most important thing for me is making the Warhammer universe accessible to non-Warhammer fans.
So we've got a story that everybody can understand.
It's a real tense, rocky road up there, but I think people will love it.
Well, there you have it. Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine 2."

"It's going to be coming out winter, which I guess could mean early to 2024, but we'll leave that up to, you know, we'll see what happens there.
For more information, for more trailers, and all the good stuff about this game, you can find it on your local GameXperience region."

"And otherwise, we'll see you on the next one. Take care, everyone."