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Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Uhyggelige skræmmende skeletter - Vermintide 2 Interview

Siennas nye underklasse er her næsten, og vi fik en snak om al den nekromantiske herlighed ved den i vores nye interview.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone, we're here looking at Vermintide 2 here at Gamescom today. I'm Alex from Gamereactor, I'm here with Joachim, we've just looked at the final career option for Sienna, the Necromancer, which was revealed yesterday in a cinematic trailer, but I could go on about this all day, but Joachim, what does the Necromancer bring to the table and how does she differ from the other Sienna subclasses? That's a really good question, I mean for starters, I mean we're really delighted to finally reveal this to our players. I know they've been dying and waiting for it, and I mean yesterday kind of Reddit exploded with like, yeah we were right, you were right all along, those type of things. But yeah, Sienna is a Necromancer now, kind of a shock to some of the community. She's a pretty advanced career, so her thing is like a summon and control type of career, so think of it as a pet class in comparison to other games. So she has a really cool Necromancer Scythe staff that she uses to curse her enemies with, and then she has the Skeleton Crew, which is the minions that she controls in battle."

"I mean, just a quick sort of story question I guess, Sienna is known as a sort of a Pyromancer, and her sister is usually involved in Necromancy. Is this Sienna that we're looking at, or is it perhaps her sister in a sort of Sienna guise?
Yes to all, it's kind of like there are a number of plausible explanations why she could be a Necromancer now, and we're kind of leaving it up to the community to like decide or think about the plausible ones, because there are, and they are vetted and everything. So yes, it's like the cryptic and mysterious answer to all of this. Yes to everything. With the Skeletons, as you say, it's the active skill, it's the career skill that you bring up six Skeletons, and with the fourth slot in your inventory you can command them, you can make them attack enemies, you can also bring them up into a wall. Are there any other options that we can do with these Skeletons, and how deep can we go in terms of changing what they do with talent trees?
There are a number of options. We are kind of holding it back for now, because it is like in a balance since we can polish things, so things might have a last minute change. But in general, yes, there are different talent tree options of like specializing in your type of Necromancy."

"You could go lean into more in the Skeleton Summoning, you could lean into more of the Cursing of things, but they are all interwoven in a bit, so you will not get rid of them, but they can be used in other ways. And something else I want to ask about this subclass is that it feels like it's sort of got its own unique role. Would you say it's more of like a tanky subclass?
Does it go for more DPS, or can it really just do everything? Is it an all-rounder?
Having played it for quite some time now, I mean, it is a very versatile class, of course. I mean, you are a pretty heavy-hitting melee character right now with your ranged weapon that has like a bouncing curse type of thing. You are really, really good at range, of course, being a Sienna class and all. But then also with the commanding of the Skeletons, it sets you up to really take a high ground position, if you will, like commanding your Skeletons to do one thing over there, cursing enemies over there, and dealing with threats closer to you. So it's a bit of mix."

"You can just let it all go. Just summon your Skeletons and let them roam with you, and then they will take care of a bit of active threats, giving you a buffer. Or you could go really, really advanced and rack up those kills. Moving from Sienna herself to Vermintide 2 generally, after we see this update drop, are we going to be getting much more content for Vermintide 2, or are we going to be seeing it sort of roll on as you guys obviously have Darktide as well that you're working on? We've seen extra maps be brought in, so we're going to see more of that content, or what's coming for Vermintide 2 next, I guess? This is one of those, another of those yes to everything, because we are like, I know we are five and a half years in, and we are not stopping at any point. We have pretty much everything across the board planned for the future. So yes to new maps, yes to balancing quality of life, mod tools, game modes, stuff. Yeah, everything pretty much. We might pause a bit with careers right now, let this land, let this sink in, and see if there's additional room for more careers, who knows? But at least you could be safe from that regard, like we are not stopping. So we'll be here next year, I guess. Brilliant stuff. When can we expect to see Sienna's new career drop? October 19th for all the compatible platforms. Should tie in pretty decently with Geheimnisnacht, yeah. Great, thank you very much, thank you for your time."