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Songs of Conquest

Nostalgi når det er bedst - Songs of Conquest Interview

Songs of Conquest tager os tilbage til 90'ernes eventyrstrategispil, vi var glade for at vokse op med, med et nyt og interessant twist. Se vores interview med Lead Game Design Carl Toftfelt for mere.

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone. Welcome to Gamescom.
I'm Alex here with Gamereactor and I'm here with Carl and we've just checked out Songs of Conquest.
A new strategy game that is looking to be something that we're probably going to need to get hyped about."

"Carl, can you talk a bit about Songs of Conquest and why people should be excited about it?
Well, they should be excited about it because I'm excited about it.
But it's a throwback to the 90s classic of Heroes of Might and Magic, it's a wondrous adventure strategy kind of game."

"And so if you're really into pretty pixel art, which is one of our main things, or if you're really into exploring and building a little army and doing some fun magic-y things, then I think you should be excited about our game.
Nice. I mean, something you touched on there was the visual style."

"It's very unique, it's got this nice 2.5D, I guess we call it, where you can look around the map as if it's a board game, but then when you zoom in you get these lovely visuals of the terrain and the characters.
Could you talk a bit more about the design decisions behind that?
Yeah, that was a big thing."

"Because we started out just doing 2D pixel art because we kind of like the longevity of pixel art, it doesn't get old kind of thing.
But if you look back at the really nice-looking pixel arts of, say, Metal Slug, it's still really cool."

"Because we're like, OK, we're going to go with pixel art.
And then we started doing it, and then one day one of the technicolors, he was just playing around, setting it up on canvases.
And then I went over to his desk, and I just zoomed in, and it was just like, oh, that's really cool."

"It's almost like it's 3D, and it just kind of pops out in the world in a different way.
And I was just like, OK, I think we're doing this.
And it took way longer than we thought, but very much worth it.
Yes, it looks great, and there's a lot to do with it as well."

"There's not only sort of your standard multiplayer and the way that people usually play strategy games, which is just paint the town red or your color.
There's also four distinct factions, and they'll have their own campaigns."

"Three of them are ready now. One of them is going to be ready for launch.
You're seeing a lot of popularity with these campaigns, right?
Yeah, we did. They're very popular, way more than we thought.
And we're super happy about that because we've put a lot of effort into actually building our own setting and lore and making these factions pop in a little bit."

"And then we're really excited that people actually play the campaigns so they know what they're playing instead of just, you know, you pick the cool-looking team and you go, which is a fine way of doing it.
I'm not saying that's bad, but yeah, so that's very exciting."

"Then we get to release the Bariak campaign, which is our last one, when we're doing the 1.0 as well.
I mean, as well in the campaigns, we've sort of got a lot of different ways to play, and there's a lot of different things to do from, like, base control to moving your armies around, and then there's combat, which I think is quite interesting from what I've seen in the trailers so far."

"Could you talk a bit about how combat works and how it's sort of intricate in its own way as well as sort of the base design that we get?
Yeah, absolutely. So combat is pretty much just like, in a way, kind of standard turn-based combat on a hex grid, but then we have a system called, like, Essence, which is, that's our magic."

"So that's tied to the troops. So whenever it's a new troop turn, they give you more magical resources.
So the more troops you have, the more magical resources you get, and then the more magic you can do."

"So if you start killing off your enemy's troops, they can do less magic.
And then when you build your army, you also have to think about, what kind of spells do I want to be able to cast?
Do I want to do, like, destructive?
Then you need units that have destruction."

"Otherwise, you can't do the spells that you want to.
So you need to find these combinations.
Maybe you want to make sure your archers fire twice, but your archers doesn't produce the essence needed to do that."

"So then you need to put those troops in.
And so it becomes, like, a little bit of, like, an army-building thing.
And then your opponent kills them, you know, the unit that produces that essence, and your plan goes up."

"So, yeah.
I mean, as well as just the units and army, we've also got distinct heroes.
How many of these can we have sort of running at once, and what can they bring to the table?

"So, like, the heroes of the Commander's Hour game are called wielders, because they're wielders of the essence kind of thing.
You start out with one, and then the more settlements and towns you claim, you can get more and more and more."

"And eventually you could have nine on really big maps.
Usually you play with anywhere between one and five, maybe.
But on big maps, you can get all the way up to nine.
And they all have, like, a little speciality and kind of, like, skew the skills they get."

"It's kind of, like, depending on what class they are.
So some of them can go, like, heavy into, like, damaging spells, and other ones can go heavy into, like, spells don't hurt me at all.
And otherwise, they're all about movement or scouting or just, like, buffing your troops."

"And a bunch of them are just, like, specialized on one unit.
And since, like, the city building of our game, you can pick whatever you want.
If you want to make, like, an army of hyenas, you can do that."

"And then we have, like, you know, a wielder that loves hyenas.
So then you just give him all the hyenas, and off you go.
So finally, then, I guess it's when can we see it?
When can we see it?
It's in early access right now."

"When can we expect to see version 1.0 of Songs of Conquest?
And it's on PC.
Will it be Steam Deck compatible?
So we're in early access right now, and we're aiming for getting Steam Deck done in Q4."

"You know, so we're in Q4, hopefully.
It's looking pretty good on Steam Deck right now.
So we'll see exactly when that is.
And then we're doing, like, a 1.0 release in Q1."

"And that's when, you know, everything should be ready.
So, yeah, either you can pick it up now in early access if you can't wait, or you can, you know, get the full game in, yeah, Q1 somewhere.
Perfect, Carl. Thanks so much."